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Monday, March 15, 2010


here we have the first leak
off the first tape
from the homie Storm Watkins

with Art By Frylock(ChrisdotRivera)

he brings you 2 bangers:
1. Girl I Love You At Night

and track 2

2.Open Your Eyes

if your a fan of the kanye west sampled type beats
than you will love this tape

hit up storm at twitter @StormWatkins

Expect the full tape soon

and for
Art By Frylock lmao
hit my email

ill be happy to do any artwork :D

and in the words of the stubborn as shit complex the em see

if you're a wack rapper
don't bother clicking the links
let alone rap on the beats
cause they don't need that :D


**Kela's video coming soon**

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