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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WhereisCharlesHamilton.Blogspot.com Presents Where's Charles COVER N TRACKLIST OFFICIAL TOMORROW RELEASE

OK here we are again.... Tomorrow at 11:11 PM Central Time....
WhereisCharlesHamilton.Blogspot.com Will Bring You Where's Charles

haha fuck all that shit

tomorrow night shits dropping

haha i might have a suprise for yall today also depends how im feeling...

i got BOTH front n back covers for the tape finished new 1s thanx to Beautiful Nakita Nicole for the advice\ideas\pics ect ect... lol EVEN THOUGH SHE LOVES THE WORST RAPPER EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER HAHA

well here are the covers NOW you have the right to not wait for tomorrow LMFAO

Now playing:Charles Hamilton - Cable in the Classroom A General Respnse to the Question "how?"

3 Starchasing Opinions:

mZ pRetTy meMoRieS said...

omg.... I love it sooooo much!!!

my concept && your talent/photoshop is genius!

Valley Girls are gOod fOr something!

Told U


and FAB is the fuqn shit asshole!


ChrisdotRivera said...

fab is assssss to a ump degree

AHowe303 said...

very nice cover, this looks to be possibly your best tape yet. and i definitely think you should drop a snippet since you didn't drop this yesterday! i was all excited and shit haha my beats need another taste of tpl

WiCH Staff