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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


ok i got alot of demev related surprises soon coming...
and i didn't want to fill up this blog with non charles stuff
so me n carnage bring u whereisdemevolist.blogspot.com

for now that site will have everything a few hours.minutes,seconds earlier then this 1 until our brother site has a nice steady fan base...
also there will be exclusives and more opinionated thoughts on that 1 this 1 is mine that 1 is the publics if u dont like something tell me n me n carnage will see if its reasonable to change ..

also be on the lookout for
Potent Potential aka (Potent)ial for short
member where u read that name 1st cuz they will be big

and now its 11 11 central time here on this chilly chicago evening MAKE A WISH PEOPLE

your turn!

now WE bring you
This Beautiful Mess We're in: the Path to erfection

ummm take it for what it is ... hope yall enjoy it and here it is


4 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

hey chrisdot, can u change the file type? that rar wont play for sum reason on my computers, and i already downloaded it twice

AHowe303 said...

you gotta get winrar

joshbritt said...

this is wats sup...good lookin wit the music...its dope n u keep a nigga hooked thanks

but uhh rar. file is a bastard i gotta find out how to get winrar

Anonymous said...

dude just go to google and type in winrar fuck how stupid do u gotta be

WiCH Staff