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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post 98! The Breakdown(With The Help of Torn Sandels)UPDATED LINK

Hey Folks!

Saturday Thanksgiving & Christmas are All Coming Up Soon...
and With That Said... There Comes Mixtapes...
Plans Have Been Changed and So Have Titles\Covers...
to Help Me Explain This All I Have a Very SPECIAL Guest..
Everyone I Would Like To Introduce Torn Sandals...


You All May know Him From His Little Video Thingy Talking About The Charles Hamilton J Dilla Detroit Situation..
But With The Sudden Return of Charles Hamilton, Hes Decided To ADMIT That Hes Been a Starchaser
Since Day1 of the Hamiltonization Process 08 and Decided to Change His Name...
(and now he thinks hes cool)

Well Enough About Him... While Listening To Poems By Adrieanna I Thought I Should Change
NatesGivings Day...To Outer-space Nate... So I DId.. Thanksgivings Day Expect Outer-space Nate
The Mixtape!!...
And Same With A Hamiltonians Christmas... it Has Recently Been Switched To TVI The Mixtape
Same Day Coming Christmas.. but the NEW cover(which yall aint seen)[and the new track list with
more new tracks]I Decided to Redo My Concept...

Torn Sandals Liked The Idea Too!!

Theres More!!! This Saturday!.. FOR SURE.. I Will Be Dropping Adrieannas First Full Song..(yall Will see
the Hype is About)..
And Im Expecting A New MIxtape Via David Blaine!!!

Torn Sandals Doesnt Like Any Music Besides Charles AT ALL.. Like not Even Kanye or Demev SMDH..
Just Charles All Day... Look At His Face!.. Hes Disgusted He Has To Wait For New Charles..

And If You Read This All You Will Receive A Special Suprise Song If You Click This Picture Of
Torn Sandles

vvvvvvvClick Herevvvvvv
^^^^^^Click Here^^^^^^^^

And With All that Said And The new Track You All Receive...
The Introduction and Outroduction of Torn Sandals....

I Guess You Will Hear From Me Again In Post 99...

[i really Hope Some1 Sends This To Torn Sandals...]


**Why Did I Give Y'all This I Dead Ass Have NOO Reason Too... I'm Just Happy Be Happy With Me**

14 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Ayo Chris whats good Broski its Kareem. I was trying to get the file from Megaupload but it is sayin that the file is unavailable. Can you upload another one??

Kareem said...

Hey Chris thanks for the updated link broski. Be blessed man.

Anonymous said...

good shit chris,ayo ppl i just wanna say im the 1 who produced(and is featured) on the track with adreinna.lol had 2 steal a lil shine

prince said...

yo chris is that a new ch track? because that song is dope!

Anonymous said...

Hey man thanks for the new CH! Since charles blog is down I'll frequent this one more often. Thanks again bro!

Anonymous said...

"**Why Did I Give Y'all This I Dead Ass Have NOO Reason Too... I'm Just Happy Be Happy With Me**"

umm because you want people to come to your blog? you're not a celebrity

ChrisdotRivera said...

LMAO i never claimed to be a celeb...
and ... i plan shit now..
i never just release it.. and had no reason too put it out now.. just for the fuck of it

Anonymous said...



Remember, I heard that Charles Hamilton has completing lost everything? I heard he was dropped from his label, his management left and even his album totally leaked...remember that? Well, I am being told that CH isn't worried about that. I'm being told the young rapper was more interested in being mentally sound than industry sound. I'm not positive but a source told me that CH either has or is closing a new deal. I guess we'll get the facts when they present themselves.

Anonymous said...

Alright Rivera.. funny shit with that Torn Slippers piece of shit. Fuck that douche.

ChrisdotRivera said...

lmao word!!!

he looks sooo fucking DUMB

localjerk063 said...

awesome job ethering house shoes... kinda wish i coulda got in on that. is it too late to ether soulja? or rhymefest? or uncle luke?

cause if not... well holla @ me.

*still twiddling thumbs*

Anonymous said...

Is Charles dropping more music???

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