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Monday, November 30, 2009

Since You've Decided Too Read My Blog...

yo remember this :

The Hamilton Language
> Dead ass - seriously
> OD - to another level of understanding/appreciation
> Context - confirmation (see "word")
> Context clues - close to confirmation (see "word up")
> Chill - obtaining instant peace of mind in any scenario
> Nowandlater - my chick
> Black (blacking) - pushing to one's limit
> Double O - affirmative
> It's quiet (it's peaceful) - situation resolved to one's liking
> Playjin -plagiarizing, or taking one's idiosyncratic nature and making it your own
> F*ck outta here - disbelief
> Crack a bottle - celebrate
> YouAll - cover(ing) all bases
> Cannon - intense situation
> Eesshh - situation resolved to one's liking, with authority
> Neighbor - nigga
> Ladybug - a female you see on the low
> Pinking -Pleasant overthinking
> Punking - Pleasant underthinking
> Go in - begin
> Hovit - to divinely take control of a situation as if you're not doing anything (Hov it)
> On some (insert word here) sh1t - a manner of which one goes about doing something
> Press spacebar - stop
> first single - the record that defines the mixtape, project, album for the masses
single - a well-selected portion of the mixtape, project and/or album
> mixtape - a collection of random musical vents, usually over other people's production (not original)
> project - a body of music that requires you to live the music, beginning to end
> album - a body of music that captures a segment in time for a cause
> anthology - the entire body of an artist's music, presented on a "just 'cause" basis
> greatest hits - singles strung together to form a project

so we have the FIRST SINGLE of the new PROJECT....which he said he can drop an ANTHOLOGY...CHILL... im finna CRACK A BOTTLE with the future NOWANDLATER...lol lemme PRESS SPACEBAR before i put myself in a CANNON....

haha that was fun!...

and now tomorrow begins the 9 day countdown to Normalcy...
will it drop?..
will he be back?...

eh.. what do i know?... (not much)..

**Since You've Decided Too Read My Blog Its Only Right That I Let You Know That I'm Floating In The Room as You Reading This, In The Room That Your Reading This In**

5 Starchasing Opinions:

bfears said...

are you doing something on the blog for the 9 day countdown?

NinjaKingRevival said...

I have uploaded about 12 CH mixtapes to Sendspace in this folder


If you would please share the link with others that would be greatly appreciated...

localjerk063 said...

"i've been gone for a year or so, but i'm back. [applause from the one remaining person in the room] yes, i am here once again in all my phenomenal unremarkability, armed only with an ibook and a scanner along with my wits to battle the beasts of loneliness and boredom. so, may the best man win."

Kidd Coolee said...

Yo Mr Charles Hamilton. My favorite mixtape youve made is pink lava lamp, and i think its fucked up with you and soulja boy, because ppl dont know real hip hop anymore, but you still do it, and i dont blame you, music, hop hop in my own point of view, is life. Im not a blogger, but i come to you humbled when i say your 2 songs shinin and music, mean the most to me, and im gonna post up a link to my myspace music page, because i would love the opportunity to work with you bruh, word up. Ima loser in the middle of nowhere and we both stand for the same things, so please take this seriously, im only 17 tryna shine like you...http://www.myspace.com/cooleethakidd

Kidd Coolee said...

Shit and i meant to say hip hop, not hop hop

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