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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Times of Twitter

i was reading
and somebody i follow @Bfears(Brittany!)
retweeted something saying new charles tomorrow...
so im just letting you all know...
be ready...
Happy Thanksgiving
its officially 12 in the morning here in Chicago..
and EVERYONE should Tweet Charles Happy Thanksgiving, Http://Twitter.com/CharlesHamilton
and holla at the rest of the Demev Family(even if they may be having issues the music still will remain, weather as Solo Artists, or if we are lucky as a Group)
but just keep checking in..
and if any thing happens it will be here no sooner than first...

BTW Shout Out To Yung Nate, B/A, and what may have been Proven...
They Had A Performance Tonight..
Caught The Last Half or So on Livestream...
so yea

**Happy Thanksgiving**

2 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Alright.. anyone else think that it isn't Charles that's updating his Twitter? He's always had a distinct way of wording things, and of course throwing in his own Hamilton language here and there.. so far all his new tweets have been all like almost perfect down to capitalization, commas, quotations and all that. Take a look back, CH never worded and typed tweets like that.
OR.. this plays into "Normalcy"

...pink much?

Money Mike said...

due to his mixtapes back then and how hes deleting shit I think hes starting a new life , a new career.

WiCH Staff