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Friday, December 18, 2009

3 New Charles Hamilton Songs(Typed Freestyles)

So far
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So far.
Saying that I go hard is past going hard so I'll go All Madden for you going all spastic.
That Coyote rush starts with one letter. Open up your eyes.
Yeah you better come better.
Never spun webs I just let the web spin.
Maserati gotchic got your head directed at the letter that I didn't put.
Ya see?
Here's payback for when you didn't look at me.
I eat cuts like I'm cold. But I'm hard.
No ice. Water flow. Bizarre.
That's word to my lust for rain storms.
Lover's lane Jane. The same. Waitin for more.
But I only care now.
So here's to the staredown.
Glare at me now.
You lookin up while I'm lookin down.
House of mirrors. Look around.
My crib.
Leave your keys and go somewhere and do a high-kick.
Translation miss: nice pic.
Lost in translation? Bitch you like this.
Now available in TVI curriculum.
"Be the reason why I see the sky and make the picture run".
Russian Rule: Let it go
Love the new stillettos tho.
My real intentions? You will never know.
It's Jeezy Hamilton.
Ha cute feature.
I hawk spew. Not hawk spew. I see ya.
So fly when the mirror requires.
She's a rider. Mirra when on her "in the sky" shit.
I dig.
Paul Bearer.
Call the law. Terror. Off the wall. Rocking with who? Y'all get it.
Charles Hamilton. A must-type.
So you must like.
You must like gettin uptight.
Damn Stevie. Loosen ur grip.
You losin it miss. I'm too delicious.
Get it.
No question. This isn't a democracy.
Visit the block and wish to hop on top of honesty.
Kiss on the spot then you watch how I rock you to sleep.
Now you coppin a plea to who's poppin.
Lovey dovey kiss-kiss.
So ugly when you rub me but buddy you isn't.
Keep your lips zipped.
That's what I do.
And only you would follow.
Baby be hard. I know what got you hallow.
Like the eve before the spooky day.
To be plain, I can't use to day to fix the tooth decay.
You everlasting gobstopper in the face.
Better passion and I'm not rockin it today.
Better fashion and I'm not into the runway,
But I knock it down when I hop from off the runway.
Sound familiar?
No cuz you don't hear.
"Normalcy". Turn it up and murder both ears.

Now that's hard.
But whoa. Oh no. That's Charles.
So Charles.
So Charles.
So Charles.
So Charles.

"That Coyote Rush just won't let up..."

Freestyle classes now available at TVI. Thank you Robyn.

2010 C.F.H.

Make a left at the light.
I stay upset at my plight.
Lay my head in the grave of a dyke.
Say it right.
I meant a lap.
But it's a nap.
So it's a rap.
A dirtbag with a hurt back from spittin that "get lifted and mix a track" kinda crack
Tune in. iPods and Zunes in.
You other players are Droids.
I'm a Gameboy.
Dot Matrix. What am I NOT sayin?
So old school half you boys grew before I dyed my gray hair.
You like "That's my boy Blue!"
Sonic the Hamilton.
Honest when rambling.
Not just a manochin
The hottest on the mantle or the planet or whatever "-an -it" word I can manage.
Fans famished.
Can't stand my lack of candidness.
Pampered with Karen O.
Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Air stairs. Up there is where I grow a pair.
So don't you dare.
No use in going there.
My underwear is under where you can't come in. Fair?
I have a grumbling tummy so someone share.
Dropped like a good habit. Does someone care?
My attitude makes it harder to love it.
My iTunes library was my marketing budget.
So you can cop a whip. That's some lame shit.
I can put your house's worth on a playlist.
Steve Jobs owes me dinner at Peter Lugars.
The sinner's secret. So peep it I see the future.
Swallowed the seeds of Apple. I mack my book.
Following me? You have to. Got a black eye. Look.
What have I took?
My own damn virginity.
I'm the purest bitch in this whole damn industry.
Pink refrences is a prerequisite.
Let me meet Pink. I'm like, "Please let's get it."
Now I'm wifed up. That zone, she like "Please exit it."
I guess my pre-ex was on some witch shit.
Like "please guess and I'll answer with some quick wit."
I guess she misses me. She shows off her thick hips.
Kinda stuck being ugly cute.
But that's wrong like after "is" in "What We Do".
I'm done.
Now the biz has no love for you.
Whoever said that last line wasnt...
Ugly cute.

Very bored.

2010 C.F.H.

"Jay-Z now on the board of advisors here at TVI. "
LMAO I'm just being egotistic i guess

"I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!
You're far to nice!!!!"
I say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
That's hard to define!"
That's part of my mind.
That's hard is the line to pardon after having such a line but
Angels. Angels. Angels. Guardians in the sky.
Party on the 9 cloud.
Charlie on the mic now.
Far from being kind to behind snipers. Lights out.
TP for my bunghole, Vamps.
I only tell the truth like an unclothed tramp.
I guess some know and some can't.
Some call him Hov, I just call him the former champ.
Me I'm like the guy that invented boxing.
Cinderblock is the fist. You get hit, you still isn't Rocky.
For real. Even the deal couldn't drop me.
Even since Dil' had a meal off... stop please.
My legal team peeped the scene and said chill.
All deleted scenes remain in my head to keep it real.
So I'm in the office in my socks.
Get it?
Pimpin all you Tigers with my White Sox fitted.
Now that's a 9 Iron if you try lyin.
Hole in one. My solar gun got you overdone.
Like eggs.
Like bacon.
Like reproductive jokes with eggs and bacon.
Off the head I'm a Wild Thing. No Kevin Bacon.
Got the best handle like I'm pipin Neve Campbell.
My head can't handle not knowing what the sample is...
Such is the plight of Charles Hamilton.
Shank you from your ankles.
I'm tired of being kind.
I ain't a gangsta cuz I ain't you?
Bitch you out ya mind?
Oh you are. That's fine.

Jay-Z now on the board of advisors here at TVI.

Well For The Rihanna Track Picture Him On His "New Music From Charles Hamilton" Shit Flow\Voice wise...

The Dipset 1 is OBVIOUSLY "Mixtape Vents" type flow,

and the last 1 the STUPID JAYZ 1 lmao
is "Lacey Duvalle\That Im Back Home" type song,
but they were all OD,

and YOU KNOW you can hear Charles In them, WHILE reading

**OH MAN NEW CH WTF!! Normalcy Coming SOoOn? i say the 19th? sound accurate?**
[i personally have no clue of when "Normalcy" is Dropping and i am as anxious as you all]

3 Starchasing Opinions:

localjerk063 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
localjerk063 said...

Jay-Z former champ, ha take that chris! he even regained the belt for a minute after nas knocked him the fuck out!! HOVI baby, he should be your professor whenever you enroll at TVI.

*change clothes and go*



bfears said...

charles is OD dope. how did u get those tho?

WiCH Staff