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Monday, January 11, 2010

"Are You The Spokesperson of Affairs in Asia" LMAO


This Guy>>>>>>

*Fuck Outta My Way *

**Peace Bitch**

16 Starchasing Opinions:

DJBLACK said...


Anonymous said...

Children would find this shit funny.
Fuckin underachieving piece of shit.

ChrisdotRivera said...


its more than humor though

this guy is a hero

the way he called out that couple at the end>>>>

Solo Dolo said...


Rob said...

yea this dude is fucking crazy looooool watch his youtube channel FUNNY AS FUCK!

ComplexTheMC said...

I didn't really find it funny...just dumb -___-

AHowe303 said...

yea me either..n anonymous is prolly charles hatin on your immature underachievin ass. way 2 go stanley u done did pissed challs off.

Anonymous said...

^See dude, you are spamming...


Anonymous said...

only immature idiots would find this amusing. SMH

ChrisdotRivera said...


ahowe consistentley checking my blog and hanging on my every word

why dont i hear the masses calling him a stan

do i sense a change of forces amongst what is to be called stan?

ChrisdotRivera said...

and idc if u dont find it funny
u watched it

n if u didnt laugh
then your a pud


remember WhereisCharlesHamilton.blogspot.com is run by THIS GUY
**points both thumbs atself**
so don't think i care what your self degrading anonymous coward type posts say...

haters come n haters go, but you must be doing something right to have haters further more!!!-shakespear :D


localjerk063 said...

i gotta step my game up!
this guy is taking jerk to a whole new level.

top 5 jerks

5. localjerk063
4. that mean soccer bitch
3. M2thaK
2. Kenny Fuckin' Powers
1. George W. Bush

**youngest in the top 5 type shine**

Anonymous said...

And why is this stupidity on WiCH? Ignorant...not funny in the least.

ChrisdotRivera said...

refer to the post above the 1 local jerk posted :D

AHowe303 said...

i never hang on to a damn word u say, in fact i never read the actual words in your blog posts, just watch/listen 2 what u post 2 kill time. you're giving yourself a little too much credit there.

Anonymous said...

lol smh. i couldnt care less who you are. i go here for some new charles music. nothing more nothing less.

WiCH Staff