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Thursday, January 07, 2010


charles hamilton Pictures, Images and Photos

For those of you who have been asking me to upload these....

Here you go.

If there's a link that doesn't work, tell me and I'll upload a new one.

The Hamiltonization Process 08

Charles Hamilton - Crash Landed

Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking

Charles Hamilton - Death Of The Mixtape Rapper

Charles Hamilton - And Then They Played Dilla

Charles Hamilton - Staff Development

Charles Hamilton - It's Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton - the L word

Charles Hamilton - Sonic The Hamilton

Charles Hamilton - Intervention


Charles Hamilton - Well Isn't This Awkward...

Charles Hamilton - My Brain Is Alive

Charles Hamilton - Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare

Charles Hamilton - TakeMeToYourLeader

DJ Halo + Charles Hamilton - Dope2Go

Charles Hamilton - The Dead Zone

Charles Hamilton - At Most I'm Just...

...Idk what to call these...

Charles Hamilton - Shut Up Already 3-Song Mixtape

Charles Hamilton - This Perfect 3-Song Mixtape


Charles Hamilton - The Pink Lavalamp

Charles Hamilton - "This Perfect Life"

Charles Hamilton - Normalcy

ok the kind people at CharlesHamiltonLyrics.blogspot.com
decided to reup every OFFICIAL CH tape so i figured id post it on here :)


i will be doing the same with the WiCH Process ha!, but 1 by 1,
but for all who are missing CH tapes in between get em now

**The Name of the Person Who Won Is Arnold Armour
the Name on the Chorizo I Buy is Armour,

Also check the previous post for
the Where is CHarles Hamilton Volume 1 Mixtape
2disc i bet there stuff on there you DONT have :D

9 Starchasing Opinions:

mZ pRetTy meMoRieS said...

ewww... that photo is NOT flattering. Consult me b4 you do shit like this! :) I miss ya

mZ pRetTy meMoRieS said...

OmG Omg!!!

I won I won I won.

Arnold Armour is what I call my pu**y. Haha

:) Told You I won!

Notice LA is the location.

AHowe303 said...

hahaha nice :) i like your hat btw, im from the beantown, dorchester represent!! lol

AJB4 said...

this is missing a few mixtapes like "The Binge.Vol1"

Genesys said...

I'm missing binge vol 1 and charlie and the chocolate factory

NinjaKingRevival said...

Anybody got a link for Charlie and the chocolate factory?

AHowe303 said...

we'll most likely never see the full charlie n the chocolate factory, tho most of the tracks are already out there on the internets 4 your downloading pleasure.

AJB4 said...

when u listen to the "Binge Vol.1" you can tell it wasn't mixed down and mastered BIG TIME

NinjaKingRevival said...

The Binge is the best way to get into his music.

Has every type of Charles in it minus the Sonic stuff

WiCH Staff