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Thursday, January 28, 2010


"My 16's are this mean, shawty can just lick me
I say alotta things that make girls wanna hit me
It's playful though cuz I got days full of flow"

Thats from my version of a charles hamilton song you guys have yet to hear. But wait...who am I? I 'm that one rapper yall love to hate. Yeah, I see yall in the shoutbox. "I'm to simple" and all that. I'm not simple, I'm just simply over your heads lol but this aint really about me. I'm here to help with the blog just like cwizz. So yeah, that's all you need to know. If you wanna know more about how I feel about your opinions and things that go on in that there shoutbox to the right, hit my blog in like 10 minutes.



And now I'll simply leave. Very simply. Like all my other stuff.


1 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

no hate but that shit aint ova anybody head kid that shit is simple stop letting standotriva gas you

WiCH Staff