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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hitler makes sense!!

Hitler made alot of sense yo

listen to his logic at the end,
at least he'll get the ring , which is all that matters
Hitlers being a good sport!!

even though the Colts are gonna win ;)

but think about it,
the same way hitler feels when he finds out favre goes to the vikings

thats how we felt when we read stuff like we wont get alot of music\ or blogging from CH

but hes doing it so he can become a superstar....
*sighs* if thats for the best IDK, but it seems to be what he wants
n Hitler helped me notice that :D

**still disappointed if we dont get alot more CH Music and our beloved Blog**

****Im a Loser, Your a Pop Star, 'wich' is not far, From a Loser****

1 Starchasing Opinions:

Rob said...

can you just drop some ch music that you have that we dont have lol

WiCH Staff