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Monday, January 04, 2010

Show Tufli Period.

ReversePsychology is Show Tufli's first full length album. But with
great achievements comes great responsibility. So in order to provide
a revolutionary sound, one must build a revolutionary following. So
with that being said, Show has decided to push back the release of
"RP" in order to release it with the backing and support of all the
world that is ready for change. But instead Show has put together some
special projects for 0'10. Statring with the release of some brand new
songs not fit for "RP". The first project is entitled "Period".
The point is to convey the message that, "Its not about Fashion, its
not about Art, its not about Money. Its about MUSIC, PERIOD. So we
want the world to enjoy the music thus far. Show will be continuing
his musical journey by continuing with the Fox 5 Series on Feb. 14th
with the release of "Soldier of Love" music inspired by Sade. The
first single will be dropping Grammy Night Jan.31st titled "1st Time".
But until then enjoy the Music, PERIOD.
The revolution will be Audiolized.......
Included is artwork
1. Hot
2. Do What She Wanna
3. Whatever I Like
4. Like Won't Go
5. Sweet Affection
6. Sense Ability w/ Charles Hamilton
7. Star ft. Vado

3 Starchasing Opinions:

Gambitt said...

that cover is proper my dude

Ty said...

Oh snap!
that was quick,thanks!!

bfears said...

that cover is nice mr rivera.

WiCH Staff