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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where is Charles Hamilton???

Here I am, out of my protective external bubble, and into my own. I have made mistakes, angered some, confused others, fought guidance and embraced chaos. At the same time, I learned about self-growth, got acclaim for my work, touched hearts and developed positive relationships. All in the never-ending learning experience that goes into the growth of a young person.

Some things are too circumstantial to explain. The best way to cover all ground, without placing blame and removing myself from responsibility is to say, no matter the intentions, make sure you are sure about every move. Whether it be an administrator you work with, or divine intervention, there is a voice that can guide you, without making you feel like you're being intruded.

My time out of the proverbial limelight had many different motives. The first and most important was to make sure that my own sanity and health was in tact. I had publicly done several things to my image and reputation that made my very word suspect. This doesn't stop at album info or YouTube videos. Something was aggravating me on the inside, and the last thing I wanted to do was let anyone in on how I was really feeling. Anxiety about being a "top artist", the classic "I don't fit in" syndrome. Things that I thought I got over came back into my memories with a vengeance.

When the news broke about me being released from the label, I wasn't mad. Just frustrated at the fact I would be asked a million pressing questions about it. My emotions were already numb at personal stuff, and I knew that being the (insert adjective here) of the music business would make me a humor target. Whatever I thought. All I wanted to do was release my music to the masses and be heard on the scale of legends. As it turns out, not only were a lot of people listening, but because of the vast quantity of music, it was hard to keep up with. For the masses and for the company I worked for.

Needless to say, I was on edge, but internally.

I wanted a comeback that is both epic and subtle. I recorded 4 projects, one of which being "Normalcy". I had so much on my mind. Don't ever think I stopped doing music. I just had a heavy heart and to be blunt, there will never be such an insane barrage of Charles Hamilton music. But returning to the surface with a project that both explains and soothes was key. I'm very proud of "Normalcy". It is the first time where there is no underlying plot or theme to follow. Want to know about the label situation, "Enter the Scope". Wonder why I haven't slept with all the women in Brooklyn after the success of "Brooklyn Girls"? Listen to "She's Purrty". My main concerns? "Baby Says I Want".

"Normalcy" in effect is the interview that clears the air, starring Mike Rofone as the host. Lol.

Also, I shyed away from my regular "lo-fi" sound, to let the people know I hear the complaints of clarity that have mocked my music since its first push of the play button. I still have "edgy", "lo-fi" music, but I would rather everyone say "Not only is the music good, but it doesn't sound weird". Who knows what sound the world may hear, especially in the dawn of the new decade.

Time will allow me to reveal who I am working with as far as getting the music out there. What I can say, is that my team exemplifies the evolution of the music business. Some industry players, some from other fields. We are embracing the changing landscape of this game. Time to win. Right now, embrace me for who I am and know that I love all Starchasers, supporters, family... Everyone that has played a role in the baptism of Charles Hamilton. I am appreciative, and I am working on making this year and every other as progressive and CALM as chances allow.

Thank you.


"Woody's Produce, What's Fresher?"


Straight from Woodys blog
WHAT does all this mean
n WHY is he STILL making the SAME mistakes???
*sighs* w\e
hes Charles Hamilton

**Filling in For The Blogger Enemy # 1**

9 Starchasing Opinions:

ethanpacket@rocket said...



Citi-Heat said...

What Mistake are you talkin about?


oh and your normalcy reuploaded gave my computer a virus twice!!!!!

ChrisdotRivera said...

lol hes fucking up all his dates

normalcy WAS supposed to be out on the 9th 0_0

now this thing w the ipod

like Local Jerk said
"He Lies to HIs Fans cause Theyre the Only 1s who Listen"

NinjaKingRevival said...

Relax peeps. Charles is only human. Thats whats makes him influential here.

He does not have suits and other robots running thing s for him. This Ipod is coming straight from Charles. Not a 3rd part(as far as I know)

NinjaKingRevival said...

I hope this post means he'll be bloggin again

Dalvyn said...

charles is classic doe lol

Slick said...

Looks like all the music he put out has you guys spoiled...Just try to be patient and take what he gives you. You guys have NO idea what he's been going through. It could be anything. Just saying.

"omg...bring the blog back! give me the ipod! he betrayed me! i like the old ch better!"

Normalcy just doesn't seem to be enough for you guys...smh.

ChrisdotRivera said...

eh the music he has out has our expectations high
as well as everyone else's
n for him too be not consistentley putting the material out, or even blogging n letting us know whats up its kinda scary
should we have faith that hes making the right choices?
and what do the 'right choices' mean?
these PUBLIC 'beat around the bush' letters are nice, but not a good indication that CH will be back full force any time soon or even at all

Kareem/Broski said...

Hey Chris, I honeslty do hope and pray Charles will be back with this whole 20Hamil10 project thing but I really dont know what to xpect from dude anymore. Im honestly just lookin forward to Show Tufli now at least we know he is making music and has dates. I pray CH will return to the scene like how he did wit THP08 but I doubt it. Guess we'll be listening to Normalcy for about another 6 months.

WiCH Staff