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Friday, February 12, 2010

Charles Hamilton Interview

Although we were sad to see Charles Hamilton leave the music scene, his return and release of his latest creation Normalcy more then made up for it. And now, alongside withJosh Madden spinning the records, the tag team will tear up the opening night at ourFashion Week Gala event at Capitale. Renowned DJ Josh Madden is the perfect complimentary sidekick to match the energy of Sonic The Hamilton. Not only is DJ Josh Madden touring the U.S., he is also a stylist and co-founder of the clothing label DCMA Collective. Talk about the interwining of music and fashion! We were able to get some answers as to what make these two tick.

How has 2010 been treating you two so far? What are your plans for the upcoming year? And have you been living up to your New Year's resolutions?

Charles Hamilton: 2010 has been fair. I wrote down what it is I want to do, and the way I wanna go about it, and it's all panning out. I don't like getting into specifics about what's next, but my resolution was to be wiser. Kinda workin out for me... lol

Josh Madden: I set down a pack of Marlboro Red 100's on December 21st and never picked them up again, I literally quit smoking for the most part on accident. 2010 is going to be the biggest year of my life for a thousand reasons...

How did you two first meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

J: I met Charles through our mutual friends Matt & Joe. I think the first thing I remember us talking about was 90's rock and I was really impressed that he knew so much about random music. My opinion is that we are both MUISC people and NOT genre people... this is important to me.

C: We had a lunch with (as he said) Matt and Joe, and we basically kicked it. Great understanding of each other, and we have a similar intensity about MUSIC, that comes out during every performance.

How did you two decide to start a collaborative act?

C: He has a good understanding of what a club crowd wants. I been making library study music in a sense, because though you can move to my stuff, I want you to think when you listen. With him as a DJ, I can soak in the energy of the crowd, while being assured that when they go home, they will be thinking about what I was spitting while hyping the crowd up.

J: Charles invited me to practice. It was a good practice I guess.

What do you think each other's best qualities are?

C: Josh WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH when you listen to his set mix. If you aren't pouring sweat from jumping around, you'll holler laughing at what comes after your "fave party joint"... lol

J: To me Charles is a musical Enigma... I've watched him make tracks out of songs that he has no reason to even know of... The Gene Loves Jezebel track he used in "Baby Says I Want" still blows my mind.

You guys have been performing in the southern California area - are you ready to bring your act to NYC?

C: We are MORE THAN READY for NYC. I think people got used to me just having a CD and not a DJ to communicate with onstage. Prerephrials ya know?

J: It's pretty organic, I'm convinced we could do this anytime, anywhere.

LA vs. NY? Is there anything you'd like to contribute to the debate?

C: The difference between System of a Down's "Arieals" and Rage against The Machine's "Bulls On Parade" video(s). Decide which coast is which video.

J: I'd like to make a motion that NY & LA join forces.

Did you get a chance to watch this year's Grammy Awards? What were some of your favorite Grammy moments, and who is on your best/worst dressed list?

C: I used to want a Grammy more than anything. After this year's Grammy, I want a song and/or album with Lady Gaga.

J: I don't watch TV, especially not award shows and I don't really care what people wear....

Is there a new band or new DJ that you're excited to see play? What are some bands/DJ's that have recently impressed you?

C: Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga. Kinda like DylanDylanDylan, minus the Dylan and plus the Lady Gaga.

J: I like Mike Posner, Freelance Whales and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Josh, you've said that you would love to DJ music that you've recently heard and liked, but because people want to hear music that they know, you're unable to. Is there any small club with an audience that allows you to DJ the less popular songs?

C: Josh can DJ for any crowd, as long as the crowd wants to MOVE and just sit around like their watching a movie behind their eyelids.

J: We played that club My House in LA and the kids there were pretty cool... I played whatever I wanted that night and it went over pretty well... I'd do that again.

Josh, you're known as a designer, DJ, writer, producer and stylist. With your hands in so many different facets of entertainment, how do you decide which one to concentrate on? And which one do you enjoy the most?

J: I have to always be inspired. This is inspiring to me right now... I have to publicly thank Charles for inviting me to be part of it.

C: Thank you, Josh. Next beat to freestyle to is "What Happened To That Boy"... lol

Charles, you do a lot of your own production - what aspects of producing do you enjoy the most? Who are some of your favorite producers?

Who do you look up to in the industry? Who is the one person you'd most like to collaborate with?

C: I enjoy the pre-productiton. I can't go into a studio NOT KNOWING WHAT IS TO BE LAID DOWN. Spontanaiety is great, but being prepared makes the experience deeper. Dilla is number one on my list, Alchemist, Green Lantern, Jack Splash, Quincy Jones, John Tesh, Trent Reznor. Jon Williams and Georg Solti still rank as my two icons in music PERIOD. And I would love to work with Jack Splash (again) and of course... Lady Gaga.

Charles, a lot of the hip-hop community has proclaimed that you are the new direction of hip-hop. Where will you be taking it in the upcoming years?

C: Radiohead hip-hop. Cerebral, down to earth... very much like a Curb Your Enthusiasmmonologue, with beats that employ more sci-fi usage of samples. And that's just hip-hop. I am currently working on my next wave of music classification. Or personification. Time reveals all.

Some people think it's easy to write rhymes and lyrics. What are some of the struggles that come with writing? Do you set time everyday to write no matter what, even if you don't feel inspired?

C: I consider every verse a potential speech. Inspired or not, it's the value a writer puts into their words that make what they're saying, context and everything, worth listening. Value being how serious they are when they say certain things, the seriousness of their context, and the impact they intentionally and unintentionally predict. Hence my love for the pre-production.

How has your family affected your work today? Is your upbringing in any way responsible for your ear for music of flair for fashion?

J: My families' opinion is the only opinion I care about... that's the most creative, fun loving, supportive group of people right there. What else do I need?

C: My family wants to see success, and never wants to see me struggle. And I would like to take the time to clear any negative air I may have intentionally or non-intentionally put out there about my family. I love them and appreciate their support. Again, I'm very careful nowadays about what gets said on record, be it truth or just my side of the story. Everyone is listening.

Do either of you guys have special plans with a special someone for Valentine's Day?

J: My friend Junior Sanchez is getting married on Valentine's Day and I get to be his Best Man! Congratulations Jr. & Nina!

C: Simone Carlene Porter.

What do you look for in a woman?

C: Simone Carlene Porter.

I look for the same thing in a woman that I look for in everyone... a laugh.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Simone Carlene Porter. I think Gaga is a great celeb, but I learned a very public and hard lesson about having a celeb crush and making it public. And I'm just happy to be back with my Simone.

J: I grew some sideburns for Onika Maraj... just kidding. If by a long-shot you get that...

Any good pick up lines you'd like to share with us?

CH:"Damn lady, you fine! Great dress! When's the last time you had an AIDS test?"
-Charles Hamilton, "She's Purrdy"

J: Was that an earthquake or did u just rock my world?

Fashion Week is finally upon us! Which shows are you most excited for?

J: Christian Siriano is my homeboy, I seriously think he's working on all levels and nobody his age is doing that except maybe Alex Wang. I only go places I'm invited...

C: I got friends at Band of Outsiders, but I'm not a big fashion head. Thrift store bandit all day!

Who are your style icons, and why?

J: Woody Allen, Damon Albarn, Tim Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Hiroshi Fujiwara

Doug Funnie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Daria and Tuxedo Mask.

What is one piece of clothing that you could never, under any circumstances, part with?

J: Hermes Bracelet
C: My "King of the Bling" Sonic the Hedgehog shirt.

If you could go back in time and take part in any past music scene/movement, when would it be?

J: Can I be in the Beach Boys?

C: Join incubus and shut down the first Woodstock.

Josh, on your blog you talk about interacting with people and having human connection. Is there any message that you want to give to people? Do you try and give that message through DJing?

J: There isn't much to communicate through DJing... The blog was a portfolio/Diary that gets more attention than I ever imagined. Everything I do is just the same guy living in different spaces, if that makes sense.

Do you believe in storytelling through music and beats as well as lyrics?

Charles, you're very big on sending a message through your lyrics. Would you ever consider doing a concept album? What might you title a prospective concept album?

C: A lot of my projects got considered mixtapes when they were just that. Concept albums or projects for short. I guess the concept album I'm working on now is what to call my next body(ies) of work...

Out of all your experiences, out of all the people you meet or will meet, what do you want to take from this all? And what do you want people to take from you and your message?

I may not always be right, but I am never wrong. I have not failed my mission of purifying the musical water supply, and I still have more. Formalities cannot break me. We are all in agreement when saying a central system of artistic integrity needs to be imposed, and I hope to be a voice of reason and comfort when revolutionary art becomes a topic of universal discussion.


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(idk if she reads this[if you do whats up]

but glad you two ARE back :D aaaand

i wish you two the best :D )

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Anonymous said...

Ch sucks period

NinjaKingRevival said...

GaGa and CH would be a the best collaboration he can do in my opinion.

They both have that unique style and it would be good for his popularity and getting his voice out there to those who don't know Charles Hamilton.

A Miley colab cwould be insane too lol

He's not a rapper he is just a musician...

20hamil10 is going HARD(pause)

NinjaKingRevival said...

And since I got banned from the chatbox for no reason...

HERE is Binge Vol.1: http://www.zshare.net/download/59008775f8959adf/

ChrisdotRivera said...

idk why you banned homie ...
lemme u banned from both boxes?

NinjaKingRevival said...


I get this:

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I've been getting that the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Shut up chris dotrivia your just a ch stalker.get a life and get off his nutz.same thing goes for ninja.

NinjaKingRevival said...

Funny you come HERE daily to diss Ch.

I bet you are in denial about CH and are slowly becoming a fan....

Anonymous said...

ch is funny dude needs to come to harlem he becoming kinda white .. he still coming tufff on the wrist music... harlem all day 140th and bway! ,,, 9treys

Anonymous said...

You crazy never a ch fan. I just like seeing him get dissed by artists. We dont got time for fake pusseys/peace out to charles hamilton we dont got time for no rookie/ wale diss to ch. Damn ch where you at sucking ninja and chrisdotriva dick.yaaa thats what he doin.

NinjaKingRevival said...

You come here because you like seeing artist diss him huh?

There ARE NO artist dissing CH here :|

you're a CH fan undercover dissing CH for laughs.

admit it.

Anonymous said...

We dont got time for fake pussys/peace out to charles hamilton we got for no rookie/ ch is fake i dont listen to sonic music.he fake about saying he did a song with eminem called i dont care. Lying ass nigga.em dont do collabos with people that has sonic music and beef with artists.and get punched by a female.Also ch is a bum and a low level.

Wondon said...

Charles's interviews are always fun to read lol
Q: What do you look for in a woman?

A: Simone Carlene Porter

NinjaKingRevival said...

w/e Anon.


Anonymous said...

Dont be mad because you dont see ch on tv.damn wiz khalifa this plane video on 106&park. This better than brooklyn girls.Ch sucks hahahaha really does man.

NinjaKingRevival said...

I sgut wale down on ustream lmao.

I kept spamming charles name lol

Anonymous said...

Ch sucks.he can diss souija boy.but he scared of rhymefest and wale.ninja you never see ch on tv.The only time he was on tv was carson daly.thats about it.hip hop channels dont allow sonic music.and ch is not on a level with drake.when i see ch on bet mtv grammys thats when i can support his bum ass.

NinjaKingRevival said...

Dude you are PERSISTENT with the CH hate.

Go get a job or something....Coming HERE every minute to diss CH.

Charles has yet to really blow up so you wont see him tv much. everyone is sleeping on his talent.

Anonymous said...

Because he sucks like you.until he makes music like lupe i will stop the hate.and your a hater too.hating on lyric and complex.you know there music is good.ch so wack he got dropped from interscope. And Shut up before i get deandre on yo fake ass. Also get a life and stop dissing lyric and complex music you hater.

localjerk063 said...

just a note...

eminem said that he had indeed recorded songs with both charles and bob, and i want to say it was during his syntex interview, before he went and did the tim westwood show.

aside from that, happy hating.

ps anonymous is prince

NinjaKingRevival said...

I figured that. Prince needs the banhammer

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is prince?thats a lie em doesnt even know ch.now as for bob thats right because em will be on bobs debut album.also localjerk i see why they call you localjerk because your a jerk bitch.

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