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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lyriqs The Lyraciss New Mixtape The Intermission Download Link!!!

your favorite blogger EVER is here
calm down calm down

i have new music
from the homie
Lyriqs the Lyraciss
this kidd is the next big thing
i did the Front and Back covers :D
and hit up the homie at
let him know you diggin his music
and heres the download link

*So Eazy A BluMan Can Do It* off the mixtape Bluology!

*This Nigga is ILL*

20 Starchasing Opinions:

NinjaKingRevival said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ComplexTheMC said...

smfh you hate on anything that aint CH that gets up on this blog.

NinjaKingRevival said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hey ninja king revival....
Imma tell you real quick yo...SUCK MY DICK!!!!!
idk who the fuck u r...so ur an asshole n my book...keep yo comments tu ur self if they aint gonna make me better as an artist...so go masterbate tu gay porn like u always do and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

lyriqs said...

the last comment was from ME Lyriqs!!!!!

ComplexTheMC said...

Lyriqs don't sound like charles hamilton. I don't sound like charles hamilton. Find me one rapper that sounds like charles hamilton other than charles hamilton. Please

NinjaKingRevival said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ComplexTheMC said...

How is liking Star Wars anything like Sonic? People liked star wars before charles came out with that sonic stuff. Rappers identified with CHARACTERS before charles. Soulja Boy beat charles to that. Superman.

And I've liked star wars since I was like 5. I didn't just go buy lightsabers and posters when i started rapping. Ask anyone who knows me personally.

Don't EVER say what someone else does something for, because you're not that person. A gimmick is to get big. Me personally using star wars concepts and metaphors gets me ridiculed a lot. If it was a gimmick I'd have quit since it wouldn't be working.


NinjaKingRevival said...



LaSean said...

well...complex owned you like i was cause i took offense to that gimmick shit and he said what i was finna say

LaSean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
localjerk063 said...


feel the hate?

i like the tape i've listened to it a few times now.

pretty dope shit lyriqs. wish you well bro.

Deandre said...

damn anonymous is going in on ninja didn't reply no. just like he didn't reply when i made a video about his fake ass.

NinjaKingRevival said...

Make a video about ME and I'll reply.

for you are just Trolling me.


How he own me when I said what he said before he said it?

Which I said "touche" rather than trying to shoot him down. If I shot his post down I'd be shooting myself

Prince said...

already have made one you idoit. and you won't because you don't have no videos out ya dumb fuck. use your brain nigga

NinjaKingRevival said...

Gimme a link to your video.

Only videos I see are videos of a fat kid jumping out closet wearing a latex glove talking about somone named juan and paul. :|

Anonymous said...

A i was mocking deandre. A this dude fake a l know this dude in person.hint look at gay nigga juan part 2. He is a faggot trust me.

lyriqs1 said...

ninja king revival...GO DIE SOMEWHERE...looks like all u do is just sit in front a computer all day and just insult people...i dont hear any music from u mutha fucker...thanks tu my homies for holding me down...

Anonymous said...

Shout to lyricq1 your music is good dude. A dont worry about ninja he just a fag and he scary because i did a video about him.he didnt reply.fyi ninja that fat kid is me. So ninja shut up because lyricq1 and i know your a fag and a hater. And a scary ass nigga. So until then ninja shut up and get a life.

Anonymous said...

yea ...what he said!!!!! lmao

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