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Friday, February 19, 2010

Post 199: Kelas New Video 0_0

Ayo Why Every Blog Post got to Have an Intro 0_0

Hello Kela™ | MySpace Video

i got a video about me :D
lol kinda towards the beginning 0_0
but learn more about her shes great 0_0
this post is so not charles related
but i got yall tomorrow
trust me
post 200
hopefully is epic

and get her 200 followers and i will give you all TVI alot sooner so yea
get on it yo

and another binge 3 cover i did earlier in the week
0_0 i do covers to practice my skills to become better 0_0
Practice makes perfect

12 Starchasing Opinions:

NinjaKingRevival said...

she so hot....

ChrisdotRivera said...


Gambitt said...

that cover is dope. I may use that one instead of whatever maybe the original one.

NinjaKingRevival said...

Cover is better than I usually see put up

I wonder what Charle's cover will look like...

When is Binge 3 to release?

Hello Kela said...

I was called HOT thanx...and thanx Chris haha I love your post about me...haha

Solo Dolo said...

I might use that cover too...


josh britt said...

ayyy yo chris party at purdue-cal u all invited it rm 107 in the new dorms bring liquor !!!

AHowe303 said...


NinjaKingRevival said...




ChrisdotRivera said...

no thats on 335 0_0

NinjaKingRevival said...


What is that?

NinjaKingRevival said...

btw where can I find the Song "Hood Connection" by Demevolist?

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