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Friday, February 19, 2010

Show Tufli Fox 5 Information

Here's some footage from Show Tufli's trip to Cali to record in Conway Studios on Melrose (rmusic heads know)... for the new Fox 5 Series "Full Coverage".... and his debut album.... "ReversePsychology".... The first project off the Fox 5 Series is.... "Soldier of Love" music inspired by Sade.....

The official project drops 2/23 but here's some footage of WoodysProduce making a beat in literally 15 minutes and Show laying the track....Also peep the politicians that heard Show was recording and wanted to meet him personally....and Katie Perry was next door too!!!!

can someone say !!!FEATURE!!!!....

Stay Tuned for the Art and Tracklist done by: ArtbyShake

kinda tight i didnt get to do the cover
but its cool im getting better

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