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Saturday, March 06, 2010

post 2 hundred and something lol

0_0 i put all the charles hamilton projects you will ever find in links on the side

<--- and on the bottom is a playlist w\ normalcy on it!! and i think thats it the festivities at
Charles hamilton Lyrics
are going well 0_0

jist put up WorkinintheLab


Lets Get it!!

*Binge 3 Coming Soon*

and umm
if any1 has any really dope fan work to go in the picture box thingy to the side

yall can email me it


just put WhereisCharlesHamilton on it somewhere

7 Starchasing Opinions:

PrecYse said...

new song me dissing genesys called beautiful illusion http://soundcloud.com/precysean/beautiful-illusion somewhere in the song i'm dissing genesys.genesys dont ever mention my name nigga.ALso to the people saying the fake precyse this the real precyse. so fuck who ever said that. and you know who i'm talking about.genesys waiting on a reply nigga.

JoeJoe3H said...

@charleshamilton bob and ch get that PAPER BOT @bobatl

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GenesyS said...

I'm gonna fight prince..... weird ass nigga smh

Anonymous said...

Why you going off on prince for?thats the real precyse hear the song man. He dissed you man. A precyse stop spamming. And nice slight diss to genesys.

NinjaKingRevival said...

Faggot. That was no diss. Quit trolling with your split personalities just to pursue your dry rap career.

Anonymous said...

what dry rapp career. he did listen you stupied loser. if you didnt know that then shut the fuck up and get a life.period

WiCH Staff