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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0_0 Super KELA!!! lol

Reason #1

Hello Kela™ | MySpace Video

go be a fan of her on facebook...
cause she plays video games lol



**BINGE 3 in a week!!!**
y'all ready???

6 Starchasing Opinions:

Charlie said...

knowing charles, its gonna be released like a month after next week , but as always it will be worth it.

Deandre said...

a ninja king revival. heres my diss video going at you. your aldahir. i did this march 6 2010. look at it its a true meaning of you being gay thats why its called gay nigga aldahir.


Deandre said...

heres a new diss video going at ninja king revial called gay nigga aldahir. just saying that ninja better stop dissing me or i will continue doing diss videos at him. its pretty funny lol


NinjaKingRevival said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dalvyn said...

shit is tuff HARLEM!! ALL DAY.. yo ch u b ohddeein binge 3 been suppose to b out nigga fuk yuh doing H AGAIN. smh.. ch still dat spitta

Deandre said...

i was dissing i dont want to sayy your name because i havent seen you in person. so it is about you. dont be scared and reply. you havent made no video about anyone. my laughness is going towards you. just know that. part 2 is coming soon. just watch. well thats if you keep fucking with me.


WiCH Staff