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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Binge 3 NEW Download LInk Bonus Tracks and Write up

(He Shoots, and he misses :( ... )


"As the miliseconds to the release of "The Binge 3: Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape" flutter past, I can't help but say thank you. To all of my cuddle buddies as mentioned in "Deuces", to my physical ailments I make out with on "She Speaks", to my yesteryear revelations with "JapanIsLike", and to the innervisions I am blessed to share on "Prada Body Bag". No feeling is quite like knowing this is my LAST mixtape. I can play the Shakespearian one and say "last" as in, "let's see if you rap n1ggas survive to your next studio session after the muthaf*ckin intro", or be realistic and say "I am taking music more serious than ever, and the mixtape game has to grow past it's adolescence". But that would be a bit too rough on the ears of people who already think I'm egotistical. So let's do it like this.

The album, with a title that will ruffle naysayer feathers, will explain my love for every. Thing, one, where, all.

The mixtape, is my love for the scrunch your face up, "ayo not only is what he said EXTRA TRUE, but he said it SO ILL..." kinda music. Forgive me for snitching, Record Plant ants. Harlem, I know. Don't snitch. I'm sorry. (with the most devious smile you could ever see on my face; on some EVER sh1t)

I offer no apologies. In the least bit. I am not reading any comments, unless you are saying positives.

Shouts to Shake and Mek at 2DopeBoyz. Maybe you guys can say something nice before posting something of mine... ;-)

SPECIAL shouts to Eminem. Hope I made you proud with this mixtape.

Double special shouts to Joe "3H" Weinberger. I may not always shout you out on this public of a forum, but your input during this recording process has been very helpful. Let's keep winning!

SPECIAL MUTHAFUCKIN SHOUTS TO MY SENSAI, JEFF MOYE (Metcalf for the early viewers). Snap my neck again. Please. Snap my neck. Snap my neck. (The Uncle Jeff album coming very soon).

TO the NewCo crew: another successful step in the right direction. Victories galore on the horizon!!! Again, special shouts to my beloved, Simone Porter.

Starchasers, unite! The Hamiltonian Era is never in error. Diggington? Goodingsworth!


Sonic The Hedgehog.
Charles Hamilton.
Tell me the difference, I Kelsey the hinderance. (heel/heal... aight lemme chill)

-Prof. Hamilton



a few words from CH himself

i know y'all care sooo yea :D






*Killin Every Beat Like i Hate Dre's Headphones*
cause it is new :D HA

1 Starchasing Opinions:

Brian Buckley said...

MAN THIS SHIT IS ILLLL! well ofcourse it is, its charles. lol

WiCH Staff