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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charles Hamilton : Respect and Choices

Respect and Choices:
Still sitting in my asylum of calm, I watch rumors fly and assumptions get blown out of proportion. What was a good idea casually referenced to close business partners became a judgefest.


With the word-fest still fresh in my vocabulary, I would like to thank Rhymefest for his support, despite our pretty ugly quarrell a few years back. Believe me, it's a head trip t not inform everyone of my goings-on as it happens, but i manage. Doesn't mean I don't read or hear the rather assinine comments made about me or my "lifestyle". I answer no questions about love/sexual preference, because at this point, I have nothing to prove to the critical status quo who look for intimate details as a pair of plyers to nitpick at my (or any other public figure's) existence. The adage goes, "It's a bad sign when they stop talking about you". The humor i find in it all is, I answered all the questions on 'Normalcy', my only publicly released project this year.

With 'The Binge Vol. 3' being my final mixtape, there are things that may shock and lead to more questions. My private life is public knowledge to many, and those "many" will FEEL the context of EVERY STATEMENT on this mixtape. I stand by every statement, and I am more than certain some macho rapper guy is gonna hear a few lines that require an understanding of this business of music and throw darts.

Starchasers, we all know what it is with the bars, so I don't deem it necessary to issue a "threat" to anyone. This is a personal mixtape (I mean, it's the last one, so I went IN), and though I know what the future holds, I came into this "game" with mixtapes. Ironically as the mixtape game "died". To further elaborate, perhaps the misunderstanding about my projects (me getting all pissy about them being called "mixtapes") is because of my tender age, I still know what the classic "mixtape" entailed. Novelty and/or socially important instrumentals, laced with one's statements about how "dope" they are or how real their life is. I guess now I don;t hold any ill feelings about having released 26 "mixtapes" because as the album (tentatively untitled) is well on it's way to completion, you have about 26 or so blogs to read.

This is the last Binge, for sure. Binge 2 I thought leaked, but when the time is right, y'all can indulge in that high (it's called "The Binge Vol. 2: Gathering Dust"). I still write (of course), still produce, and as I said the future looks bright from my 20/20. The main message I want to give to the youth who still find being in this business as a way out of sorts, is as follows:

If you are not willing to give up a piece of you that you will never get back, DO IT FOR THE LOVE ONLY (the control-b on my laptop is buggin). The sad part is, sometimes that piece of you is taken, when your eyes are closed. There are people in that boat, and no matter their success, they still feel longing for something. My boat has me as the captain, on a body of water, where many have drowned trying to be Captain Save-A-Flow. All good tho. Again, I am watching and listening.

Shout outs to:

Jeff & Eric Rosenthal @ Its the real of course

My beloved Simone Porter (Starlight).

Props to B.o.B, Drake and Soulja Boy for killing it right now! Dead Ass!

Gunnar/NewCO until I let the booth go.

Now that was ILL!!!
taken from the blog in his myspace
n Binge 2 when the times right *sighs* lol
TwoThousand and Tell Em Starting soon!! 0_0
n Binge 3 next week!!!

5 Starchasing Opinions:

NinjaKingRevival said...



Its like a breath of fresh air seeing CH blogging and addressing things. I cant wait until The Binge 3.

Maybe a hip hop site can at least advertise it all over so people will hear this and see CH is The Truth....

I argued with some retards on youtube on why every CH song is better than Lloyd Banks(used to be my favorite rapper for a while) and why CH is better than 95% of the "rappers" in the game.

I wonder why he shouted Soulja, although soulja was "clownin" him on ustream when Interscope released him....

CH should throw shots at some rappers to get on some more radars :)

too many people say "who is Charles Hamilton?" when I bring him up in hiphop conversations lol


Anonymous said...

ch got a booger in his nose lol

Kal said...

Wow. Seeing CH blog again is a bit odd after such a long time but damn he's still funny as hell!
Looking forward to the OD that will
be unleashed when Binge 3 drops fam.
And that album? Needs to actually land. Crash land.

Then CH needs to get familiar with the rest of the world.

Although with that boat analogy I feel like he'll go the Curren$y route and avoid all mass media sh1t. Still will be dope and I hope much love and success for ya CH

Charles Hamilton said...

rockin the studio...

SuperSaiyanlikeGoku said...

Hey Charles the Hamilton i'm a big fab of your art and i hope u never stop making music.

WiCH Staff