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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Music Lyriqs the Lyraciss Mixtape + Monologues Write up

i did the covers :D OH DEE right?
chill smh
but this is all OLD Lyriqs tracks
just a little something to get you all ready for the MONOLOGUES!!
but download it now
and if it says FREESTYLE, than it IS a OFF THE DOME FREESTYLE
Lyriqs don't fuck around :D

so download it now


The Nobody's Monologues is coming 4/20
Because of that, I wanna let you guys know a lil more about this wonderful project.
One thing i will discuss is what the songs mean.
They are as follows:

1. THE INTRO- This song is me letting the viewers know about my late father first and foremost. giving the viewers some witty lines to show skill and let them know this is "MAdison Square MIxtape".

2. AMAZING DAE- This song is my single. This song is the "happy" song (though I dont believe in happiness, but dats another convo). This is the song u blast in ur system and sing along to the catchy hook. Generally talking about how life is pretty good and how my grind is paying off. Im having an amazing dae!!!

3.HER- This is OFFICIAL singing song from LYRIQS. This song is actually about a special woman i kno. This is just me serenading her and letting her kno her love is "what i never felt before"

4. PUT YOUR HANDS UP FT top billion- Have you ever felt bad because u f'ed up with your woman? you dont want her to leave but u realize its over and you cant stip it?? Then this song is for you...

5.MY WORLD- The most honest song ive ever recorded. This song brings you in my world as i describe my version of the perfect world along with the things i deal with on a daily basis.

6.HONESTLY- The "will I ever make it track". This track explains my questions about my daily grind to try and "make it" in the music world. Can I make it? Will I last? STAY TUNED!

7.SOLARIS BREAKDOWN- Whenever your "solaris" (mindstate) breaks down, this is the song to play. This cut explains what I think about when My "solaris" breaks down...

8.TYPICAL RAP- If you turn on any typical rapper...this is what you would hear...ITs called typical rap for a reason...0_0

9. FUTURAMANISTIC (futurama)- This song was done for sheer creative purposes...kinda like typical rap pt 2 but not really. gotta show versatility right??

10. JUST LYRIQS- My attempt at a club song....0_0....Dope beat from the homie KRS_B and hey...im just lyriqs....

11. WEEKEND- Layed back track from THE TEVIN MAYFIELD....when ever u feelin cool and u just wanna lay back and coast.....u throw this song on...cuz I does it every day liiike....

12. THE FANS FT ALEVY- have you ever been told what u shoulda did from a person who heard your music? you ever been told that you suck from a person that isnt a rapper??? this song explains that experience...nuff said

13. THE OUTRO- This song is how I feel about music today...what I think people should do...how i feel...my opinion....u get it?? along with shoutsout for the essential people (note: if you came in my life after i wrote this song...you r not in the shoutouts...sorry)

BONUS TRACK: THE WINDOW- DO you hate how u look sometimes? Is it hard to look at your self in the mirror without puttin down the person you see?? this is your song...with a few ill metaphors thrown in there!!!

Well....there you go...with graphics from chrisdotrivera and recording from the hut...this has the making to be a classic...I hope you enjoy...4/20....THe NObody's Monologue

the blue above is lyriqs

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its funny how no one can comment on any post kella is on?

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