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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Music Show Tufli Good on Earth - Speaks on CH

Download Link Below:

Yesterday i dropped a lil track just to talk to my people.
Now today I wanted to release a bonus track from the next installment from the Fox 5 Series, "Soldier of Love" music inspired by Sade..
This track is titled "Good on Earth", I'm pretty much a low key dude and like to keep personal shit personal, but i did feel the need to lightly touch on the me and Charles Hamilton situation.....I'm not goin in depth but i did feel the need to speak.....
I hope you guys enjoy....attached is the cover art and tracklist for "Soldier of Love" which now has an official release date of 3/23/10....
Congrats to Sade for puttin up serious numbers after a decade from her last album....
Truly inspirational.....

Above is the basic concept of the song
and a lil insight on whats going on on the inside
Shouts to SHOW for making good music!!!

1 more leak
off the homie STORM WATKINS new Instrumental tape
Long Awaited Instrumental Tape Entitled Long Awaited
and the song is called Understanding the Final Track on the tape
Here it is

6 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

I think show tufli will bigger than charles hamilton why? He stays out of trouble and if you go on twitter theres a twitpic of him in def jam studios. So in my way i think he will get signed. I hope he does so he can out shine charles hamilton. A chris riviria who do you think whos better show tufli or charles hamilton?i think show tufli.

NinjaKingRevival said...
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Cambow said...

charles hamilton will forever be my duude... but show tufli is better and will be bigger then charles hamilton... "& thats just how it goooeeees baybeh'" OH Oh oh hahahaha

Anonymous said...

A ninja king revival just know show tufli is planning on going to def jam. What label charles hamilton is on nothing. I think show tufli will be better than ch in the feature.

NinjaKingRevival said...
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Anonymous said...


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