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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super HowieO!

I think we know this guy from the shoutbox... but if you couldn't guess it... This is The Infamous A-HoE, bringing this ALL ORIGINAL freestyle.

That's right Gucci, Be afraid.... Very afraid.... Because if you even think about responding A-Hoe will take it past rap and hurt you.

Because for those of us are not aware of Mr. Hoe's background. Allow me to explain to you why he is not to be fucked with... (Listen Carefully Gucci)

My man A-Hoe was born in the mean streets (and by streets i mean suburbs... ya know fenced in neighborhoods and sh1t) and as he so perfectly put it to me... "ya'll wouldn't survive in my hood"

Then after much gang banging in Boston, he convinced his parents to move him to Iowa. So that he could fulfill his life long dream of being successful where his heroes from the movie "Whiteboys" had failed. In bringing "Thug Life" to Iowa.

While running the streets of Iowa he was in and out of trouble with the law.... (loitering and littering mostly) and that's when it clicked for him! His only way out of this crazy game was to become a Rapper. And to it he went like a fish to water.

Quickly he grabbed his web cam and quickly stole a Charles Hamilton verse and put his ass right on You Tube to start beef with Gucci... and his career is only gonna flourish from there.

He plans to release plenty of other "Freestyles" he wrote while stealing other people's lyrics. Matter of a fact this Monday he is releasing a Nas line from "Ether" that he plans on directing at Rick Ross. Be on the lookout for that on Music Monday.

Most of his Freestyles have the lyrics posted at www.charleshamiltonlyrics.blogspot.com if you want to check out more of what this kid can do off the top of the dome!

5 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Dumb. And I don't mean him.

NinjaKingRevival said...


Whatever did he do to deserve this?

just curious.

Anonymous said...

he leaked two unrelease charles tracks

localjerk063 said...

@NKR does it matter?

"don't start no shit I'm so retarted with this"

AHowe303 said...

yet you are the one that started it. ironic eh?

WiCH Staff