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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians)

That makes two tracks from Mr. Hamilton in 2 days... I remember the good ol' days when it was like two projects in two days.... But I'm not complaining. (sigh, maybe a little) Well wait no longer download link below.

Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians) According to Charles' Twitter there will be one song every week until the debut single off the album (title yet to be revealed) is released!


note: I would have posted sooner, but i was busy kicking ass at Halo 3! (don't say nothing Pikachu)

FYI: my Xbox Live Gamertag is localjerk063 get at me!

4 Starchasing Opinions:

Charles Hamilton said...

As promised...go to www.thisischarleshamilton.com NOW for a FREE download of "Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians)". Retweet!

Anonymous said...

thanks charles

Anonymous said...

Was that the real ch?charles what is your first single called.barbara walters part 2.im just guesting.

Vic said...

about time this came out! its old man but never actually released in mp3 form...don't believe me look it up on youtube

WiCH Staff