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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vibe Reports: Charles Hamilton Is Working With Drake & Wayne's Producer

Thought Charles Hamilton would never recover from his epic fails of 2009?Omen—who produced Drake and The-Dream's "Shut It Down" as well as Lil Wayne's "Single"—thinks the poised-in-pink Brooklyn rapper has a great forthcoming album on his hands.

"Charles' focus right now is putting out really clever records, but joints that can bump in the club," the Harlem-bred producer says. "As far as his pen game, Charles is a genius in his own right. His whole vibe is left-field and he’s one of the quickest artists I ever worked with. We did like 14 songs in two days. This might be the first time where he doesn’t really produce the bulk of the album. I think people will be really surprised... that dude has a lot of good joints lined up."

One of those girl joints is a single Omen worked on with Hamilton in February. "It’s called 'Halla,' with an 'a,' it’s kinda weird," he says with a laugh. "It’s basically about how if a dude wasn’t doing shit, but now he is, what makes them want to holla now. I was hearing some talks about it featuring another artist that everyone knows and loves... and loves to hate."

On March 25, Hamilton released his final mixtape, The Binge Vol. 3: Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape. The rapper was dropped from Interscope Records in September, but is currently working on his as-yet-untitled followup to the shelved This Perfect Life album. —Tracy Garraud

now all this is very nice and all and what not



NOT 23090342 other different producers n features :(

lol but its cool i know they gon make it dope sooooo

can't wait for CH new album!!!!

it's gon be Ohhh Deeee lol

ummm besides that just make sure you keep up with the new music

and check www.thisischarleshamilton.com

and www.whereischarleshamilton.com (Here) for updates :)


**As the Current Happens the Current Happens Think About it**

5 Starchasing Opinions:

The Ghost of Nas said...

i personally like his beats but i think charles does better on other people's beats. listen to "Don't Touch Me".

brklynswg said...

no more mixtapes O_O

DJ Shynin said...

im with u Chris, I thought it was gonna b all prod. by CH and maybe a couple by woody but i guess its part of how things r gonna be now *kanYe Shrug*

AHowe303 said...

well it's nothing new that mainstream listeners will more easily 'listen' 2 songs with mainstream sounding beats. that's why "tpl" probably really wouldn't have been very successful in the mainstream at all really..i mean a lot of those beats were just 'out there'
like three pound bullet, yea it's a sick song, but the average mainstream attention span is like 5 seconds, they'll listen 2 the beginning n be like 'wtf? *skip*' some other examples would be post lynching ceremony and cable in the classroom.
also the hook on his proposed first singe, 'barbara walters' is one of his more whiney hooks...that being the single and the first track...is just not a good look.
granted the verses sum up his story and is a very good set up to the album, but i'm sure most of u will see where i'm coming from.

Anonymous said...

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