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Friday, April 30, 2010

Woodys Produce Presents...

SO Woodys got a new project instrumental project in the works!!
it's coming out Monday or Tuesday
and today he released the songs with the rappers on them!!
so heres what woody had to say
and the link for the tape

Hey All,

In recent months, I have collaborated with a lot your favorite artists (Shawn Chrystopher, ADD-2,Charles Hamilton, XV, Nero, Show Tufli, QuEST, El Prez, Frank Ramz, S-Preme + More...). I have compiled songs from different projects and leaks into one body of work, also threw in an unreleased song I did with Charles Hamilton called "Reset". Enjoy these songs over the weekend, I will be releasing the instrumentals early next week (along with a few bonus instrumentals). See below for links for video/album/me.

All the best,


and heres the video

and the link to the tape!!

shout outs to @WoodysProduce GO FOLLOW HIM if you dont already
and his website WoodysProduce.com

go thank him for the great music!!!!!

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