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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charles Hamilton Project Details

as we ALL SHOULD know
Charles brought his blog back again
and he has a new project coming out
the diary of alison foster

(cover i made, NOT official, so don't jump to conclusions

(This cover was made by Mikey..F..Axel. local starchaser and upcoming rapper\GFX artist lol )

this is the tracklit as posted on his blog:

Business As Usual
Stripper's Ambition
Door #3 (Revelation)
From Here We Go
Insensitive Side
Forever's Fever
Holding Hands
One And Only
Pretty Music
Provocative Nation (CSPAN on the Block)
Foster Home
The High

he said it may be less than the 12 songs above
but we will see


i guess until next post


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