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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Charles Hamilton:All City Chess Club Promo Picture

Check Out More Work From
@PSImDope Here:

Here's Her Email.. hit her up for pricing, and inquiries and stuff~

OK So the picture above
was made by THIS PERSON : @PSImDope
and She has been Hooking up ALL of All City Chess Club with these pictures,
i'll put the rest so far at the end of the post

but i really got to admit she O D'D on this one, So MAJOR Props, Everyone go follow her
and hit her up if you're interested in purchasing some ART from and amazingly talented upcoming web artist :D

and UMMM Charles that pic is a GOOD LOOK homie
you should fuck around and use it somewhere for something K

+++Super ^_^

The Other ACCC Pictures(Asher, Diggy, Wale)

5 Starchasing Opinions:

Shango Zeropoint a.k.a SiL E. SoFR3SH said...

Should have been wearing pink but other than that SUPER DOPE PiCTuRe

Anonymous said...

You know whats weird wale and charles hamilton in the same group. Didn't wale diss charles hamilton early this year.is it me or charles hamilton is just scared of wale. Man right now wale is on some next level shit then ch. I forgot is gauchos getting any buzz?

Prince said...

this is some nice art though. a whats up with this rapper name apathy dissing charles hamilton. he also dissed asher and new boyz. here is the link. then tell me what you think?


NinjaKingRevival said...

If I had the skills I would totally make a CH Manga 8-)

Prince said...

i wish this art work can be a single cover. a yall tell me what yall think of this apathy diss song called were gonna kill you. he"s taking jabs at charles hamilton new boyz and asher roth. heres the link


WiCH Staff