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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


DOT 0_0

he needs followers

he posts freestyles like this:
I got this song. I think you call it "Loser". XXL wanted in. I said ***SUPER.
They said Charles. We think you the future. We like Wale, but you cuter. ***SUPER
Sick of takin disses from a student to a tutor.
Rooter to the tooter.
A loser but I'm ***SUPER
Wheelchair rollin. Steel chair holdin. Edge and Christian. Real glare, then your dome is in.
Mid way through the Genesis like no begin.
Check the spelling of Binge. Can't hold it in.
Soon as I think it, I posted it.
Or I post it.
Guess it depends on who's roll it is.
Blog roll.
I write what I cannot show.
I live life like a taco.
Treat a knife like a nacho.
Any beef in my life, digest it with the quickness.
Streets I see a fight, no question. I dip it.
You can call me soft, but nah. It's Lady Doomer.
Without using crystal balls, I see the future.
Repeated the same bar twice in one song.
Broke the "Way Cool" rules. But I'm nice so come on.
Excite the drums like "I'll slice your gums".
I blograp for now. Never bite my tongue.
Break my fingertips and no more touching a singer's clit.
"You belong in the streets! Ain't make a single hit!"
Everyone T-Pains themself cuz they ain't bringin it.
Then say I fell off, cuz I ain't pink in a bit.
I left you alone because the ring didn't fit.
And you gave me horrible sting at your crib.
I would've proposed to all humanity on Normalcy.
But I understand. I gotta be on a corner. See?
My back hurts. My stomach is in knots.
Rummaging through the blocks. Hungry and I'm hot.
Comfy I am not. But happy? YES.
This has to be destined. faculty teaching the lesson.
Packin the heater in my double-breasted section.
Lady Doom? Double breasted? Any suggestions?
Just wait till you see me with the mask on.
I'll be the new Charles I can black on.
I'll do a song with Yung Berg and let him kill me on it.
To be the industry's biggest loser. You feel me, darn it?

(from http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=73777)
"Somewhere Charles Hamilton must be thinking, Well, at least I’m not that guy."

Now tell me that ain't ***SUPER

and he disses Non famous washed up nobody rappers like this:
I'm guessing that means you'd have to get his album to understand what I just said. But I understand you, 'Fest. And one day, when you grow up, I might take a jab at you.


and he has a new CHATBOX so you can all go say Hi.


heres the link
i kind of gave you an online brochure but w\e

GO TO THE BLOG :) the SegaSports guy told me in the chatbox to tell you all

(if the dot wasn't meant for me, it is now)

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