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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"It's On" lol

Tonights @Charleshamilton session hosted by @msdrama streamed live from 7-9 @ xxlmag.com and theblastbydigiwaxx.com. DJ SNS on the 1's & 2's


(New York, NY) May 5, 2010 --- Due to the overwhelmingly positive responses from its last partnership endeavor, Digiwaxx Media and XXL Magazine will join forces again to bring the signature Digiwaxx Music Meeting series to the masses. Today, May 5, Digiwaxx Media will host an intimate no holds barred listening session with hip hop phenomenon Charles Hamilton who will be playing exclusive tracks off his new album including the hit single, "Gauchos". The private event will be streamed live via Ustream allowing music fans, DJs, and media outlets around the world to tune in on both Digiwaxx's blog, The Blast (www.theblastbydigiwaxx.com) and on XXL's website (www.xxlmag.com) and be a part of the music meeting. Viewers will also be invited to submit questions via twitter to Digiwaxx Media (@DigiwaxxMedia) for a complete interactive inclusive experience.

Charles Hamilton (New Co Music) is reintroducing himself to the same fans and media that helped make him a sensation in 2008 with hit songs including, "Brooklyn Girls" and "Loser". His current project, an EP scheduled to debut this Summer, takes Charles back to his roots as he explores who he is as a rapper while maintaining the Harlem charm and whit that people love and expect of him.

Digiwaxx Media is a trailblazer in the music industry, infamous for breaking new music, trends, and products to DJs, tastemakers, and consumers alike. In line with this mission, the music meeting provides an inside preview to unreleased music. Past music meeting artists have included Nas, Damian Marley, Asher Roth, Farnsworth Bentely, Consequence, Busta Rhymes, Mims, and Joe. New York DJs and press will be on hand for a sneak peak preview of what this Charles Hamilton EP holds with music fans everywhere being able to tune in and watch in real time with Digiwaxx Media and partner site XXL Magazine Online.

All press inquiries should be forwarded to:
Kasey Woods
212.665.8507 ext. 235

Digiwaxx Media is an independent marketing and promotions agency specializing in music, lifestyle and the new urban culture. With music at the core of this culture, Digiwaxx is situated where things really happen now: at the intersection of recording studios, radio stations, DJ booths, concert venues and online sites where creative innovators, cultural influencers, entrepreneurs and fans converge. We are centered in a network of local relationships on a worldwide scale and our ability to activate these dynamic relationships with agility, efficiency and credibility knows no equal in the industry. Digiwaxx is an agency that converts years of experience at the forefront of urban creativity and lifestyle into a dynamic hub of information and resources. Our platforms and services are able to connect music, technology, people and culture in a way that is unique to the Digiwaxx experience. Our advanced team will be able to move quickly and efficiently and activate a proven system of departmental services to insure that a strong foundation is built for every music project that is encountered.

For more information please visit: www.digiwaxxmedia.com/weconnect

i remember
in earlier blog posts
i told you all we needed to thank @NewcoMCM
for helping @CharlesHamilton do big things
WELL now we can see the big things paying off
Let's make sure we support GAUCHOS!!!
and get everything going!!!!
20hamil10 IN FULL PROGRESS!!!!

2 Starchasing Opinions:

Brian Buckley said...

NICE!! and it says we'll be able to see it on ustream! :D
hey what happened the other night on CHstream. i missed it :/

Ken said...

Question...What time is this going on? I wanna hear the EP!!!!

WiCH Staff