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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The MultiHmiltonizAtion Process HAS BEGUN

Charles, i guess, is going back to New York, by way of GreyHound bus...
stopping through all types of cities, and stuff like that...
ummmmmmm i hope he's ok
i wasn't going to blog about this, but i guess it's happening since he's in VEGAS already
i hope everything goes good in New York
and i hope CH and the Management Team KNOW what they're doing :(
but we'll see as this whole Fiasco(shouts to Rhymestyle) unfolds
ummm SOOOOO besides that
Songha is still a jerk
BE SAFE CHARLES :( please....


3 Starchasing Opinions:

Repryx said...

We must Destroy Songha

SonghaChang said...


Charles don't want it with me lyrically. ;)

Marutoku Sheffield a.k.a SiL E. SoFR3SH said...

Oh noes Galaxy doesn't like Charles :(

WiCH Staff