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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Words from a Halo


the homie, Halo, H2, the GUY WHO PRODUCED DOPE2GO LOL
did a blog about the state of hip hop
you can read the full link here:

but the last person he wrote about was NONE OTHER THAN
you guessed it
so heres, what he said about him,
makes me worry :( but take it as your read it,
Charles he is making a few really really good points, but as always
whatever you decide to do, we'll be here to back you up

Charles Hamilton - My nigga, please stop using drugs. Please. I cannot have you wandering into my home at 6:50 am any longer. You are a valuable asset to Rap and your flow is UNIQUE - please find you way (the right way) and get back where you should be. You never followed the format, why start now? You stopped making your beats and started rhyming on this industry-packaged shit, and that was the last straw for me. I've gone from looking forward in earnest to your latest projects and adventures to worrying the hell about you, to now just not giving a fuck. You took away the key to that wild mind of yours - your blog - from the public. Bad move. Now that it's gone (it was your life blood even when you were dying), it's become even more difficult for the ones who care to keep up with you. People now exploit you every chance they get (ie: the whole "LadyDoom" fiasco) hoping these wild antics will thrust you back into the mainstream. They will not. For now, I'm sleepin' on Charles Hamilton. Wake me up when the Charles I know is back.

***Super~~ChrisdotRivera~~ LOL

2 Starchasing Opinions:

Money Mike said...

I hear you H2 Im sleeping on Charles H. for now wake me up to when hes back FOR REAL!

Solo Dolo said...

I'm still backin CH no matter what, but he missed me with that Gauchos single :/

And that's no hate, I'm just saying...

WiCH Staff