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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New WiCH Mixtape Coming Soon:Blog Bleeding

OK so
This mixtape is for the REAL CH fans
who want anything they can get their hands on
put the Instrumentals in your iDevice(iPod, iPhone, iPad) or any other MP3 player that shows lyrics, and while the instrumental plays, you can read along to the song :)
but this tape will be out later this week
I also included .TxT files of the freestyles for people on Computers :)
SO when this comes out!
you DEF wanna cop it :)


5 Starchasing Opinions:

Shango Zeropoint a.k.a SiLL¥ SoFR3SH said...


Anonymous said...

i thought binge 3 was the last mixtape?

Adam-94 said...

On one of the freestyle titles you had a typo.... you wrote "see what head does to sweaters"... haha that could be taken wrong just lettin you know... you just gotta change "head" to "heat" that might be kinda hard tho since you already made the cover tho... (just a heads up from a starchaser)

jay said...

so wait ur tellin me ch isnt going to say a worditns just going to be lyrics and instrumentals ? please get bac at me peace Jay

AYO said...

happy birthday but who gives a fuck?serously?

WiCH Staff