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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pray For Charles!

The Sonic Philosphy "As long as you stay in a positive zone you can always beat the game..no matter what the game is...this industry..the game of life


in his epic journey, he simply(or complicatedly) refers to as LIFE

mr hamilton has found himself in a place known only to most as a mental hospital

but as he describes it, it doesn't sound too bad... in his new blog post on :


but i guess he's chilling....
this industry stuff takes A LOT out on you,
to all you new upcoming artists, see what this man is going through,
are y'all ready?
it seems it gets pretty hectic....

i seen a video in my chatbox(YES i read it)

kinda makes you think a bit more....

but either way keep Charles in your prayers,
and lets hope he gets out of there sooner than later


WiCH Staff