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Sunday, July 25, 2010

WiCH Sneak Peak:Newco's New Website

so as MANY of you have seen on 2dopeboys, and other various blogs,
Charles, and Newco, are Debuting their new website next week.
Which is going to be HUGE, they're promising EXCLUSIVE CH music,
and Merchandise, and Videos, and EVERYTHING, When CH Gets Out(VERY SOON)
he will be DOING VERY BIG .. NEVERMIND we'll let the actions speak for themselves this time......

(Click on the Images to ENLARGE)

OK so as you can see, Newco, is officially about to get started doing their shit!
and Charles' Career, will be back in full force ASAP... he's gearing up for a TOUR
(as you can see in the Third picture) and that means we will be getting an ALBUM soon!!

Thank you ALL for all the support of Charles' and sticking with him through his hard times, your loyalty as fans, will pay off, just let him get situated ;)



i guess i blogged :D

Thanks Woody, and Newco!


BESIDES that.. Don't forget to download
Neverland Ranch Here:


(sorry for the LATE Post)

3 Starchasing Opinions:

Money Mike said...

Nice It tells more about his lifestyle and story something new fans or fans should know more about!

Viggie24 said...

damn...thats a nice site. I'm psyched for the launch now.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this newco site...

WiCH Staff