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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charles Hamilton - Tafietu

As Seen on his Facebook:

Tafietu is a curse. They were threatening to change my sound, change my attitude, change the way I look to self. So I made them the kind of album they want. A dark undercurrent. Except this dark undercurrent goes against my positivity in the light. So yes.

This is a very dark album.

Dance at your own risk.

Listen to the lyrics.

I hope you still love me after you hear it. Real talk.

A positive side to this album is there are no subliminal advertisements, no backmasking, and no homo stuff occured as I was recording it. Which is kinda the curse.

You guys have no idea what goes on during the mastering of albums you buy in stores. At the exact same time, I CAN TELL YOU what I did in the mastering process, because I MASTERED IT. There is not vintage, dirty wallet sound. Only polished, "Hi sa dot dot dough!!!!!!!!" cleanliness.

I'm working on the music you love.

Shouts to Piff on the Lithery and the "Charles, make these n1ggas an album full of hits so they can let you do you..." I told you I got you.


Executive Producer(s): Charles Hamilton and Lord Piff


Thats from CH facebook
now i'm proud to present you the link to the most anticipated album of the year

"Everybody Hott Till We Open Up the Hydrant"
this album is HOTT download it here now:


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