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Friday, August 06, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Sadly Charles has forgotten password to the beloved blog - segahamilton.blogspot.com -
Gmail, crashed aswell. We can keep our heads up high because we got our hands on "segahamilton.blogspot.com" (the project, lol).
Shouts to Chris for making the cover below this post.. Charles of course is making music, for us his fans. Starchasers/Hungerfighters his music is always a great listen, I consider them albums. (watching what i say is golden at the moment) Hopefully on consent of Charles and Chris we will be able to share CH instrumentals, for those to hear and enjoy
*beep* I'm out..

4 Starchasing Opinions:

Money Mike said...

Thats crazy! He be taking too many pills!

BluStarChaser said...

Lol, Yo Charles is the Shit

Agh, a human, and a God

pause this message, i dont know why i just find that awesome yo

NinjaKingRevival said...

grrrrrrrrr how did he just forget his password? He should start writing them down

Anonymous said...

Charles is still making hit records. Ninjakingrevial been a long time since i seen you how's it going? its deandre sorry for that bs just wanted to have fun.P.s. Charles stay focused and keep ya head up.

WiCH Staff