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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Incoming!.. CHU Anyone?

Starting off a blogpost on "WiCH" is pretty dope. (Introduction, lol) My name is Axel Torres.. Known as AxeltilonianMonk. Producer, Musician, Rapper. Contact information Aim: thekidaxel12, Email: Axeljtorres@gmail.com, Twitter: @axeltilonian, axeljtorres.blogspot.com.
^ (respecting Chris for letting me join the family)
Anyone signing up for CHU? if so information is..

"Only 60 people will be accepted. The courses are Equilibrium Overstudies (Prof. Francis) and MIDIocraties (Dr. Frank MIDI). Again. Only 60 of the (hundreds) will be accepted. And be prepared to write essays and have them graded. 18 and older. If you are younger, get your parents permission" - CH.. Contact him at chfrancis23@gmail.com. Check more at his blog as well segahamilton.blogspot.com.

More information on CHU can be found at
..is a format for having an open mind and following your heart. As we all have come to learn, music can alter moods and talk to you. And Equilibrium Overstudies to the music lover within, as your inner music lover will guide you to your destiny.

It is broken down into three branches, based on musical acts who have influenced many, even if the barometer of success isn't based on status quo standards.


  • Infinite
  • The Slim Shady EP/LP
  • The Marshall Mathers LP
  • The Eminem Show
  • Encore
  • Curtain Call
  • Relapse
  • Recovery

Basic standard:
A mistique of psychosis to cover an advanced understanding of the climate of existence. Also a mastery of one's native language, as well as superb musical communication.

Conceptual notes:
Realistic mysoginy, cross-referential homophobia, justifiable racism, pacifistic rage, warped-yet-tamed humor.
Hamiltonian Mathenomics
  • Hamiltonian Mathenomix
  • From the Desk Of...
  • Sober Karaoke
  • The Pink Lavalamp
  • Autumn Harvest/August Rush
  • segahamilton.blogspot.com
  • M/A/T/E

  • 2008-09 Hamiltonization Process(s)
  • 20hamil10 (The MultiHamiltonization Process)
  • The Binge vol. 1-3

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Show Tufli's "The Normal Sin" a must to hear
Sample: 9th Wonder - This only sin.
Project: Keepinmindthatiamanartistandimsensitiveaboutmyshit.


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