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Friday, August 27, 2010

New Music: Charles Hamilton - WiCH Project

Click Here
v there

OK reuploaded to megaupload, and as a zip :)
ok thats good....
now the music :o *jaws drop*
this project is HOTTTTT
i mean it is CH right?
but no this one idk, the sound, and the different emotions in each track
i would've called it an album :x lol
#Np:A Song For Ms. Sturies
that might be my fav one *shrugs*
download the project now!!!
and go pay charles for the project at
(that means comment on his blog posts, according to him he enjoys it )
you know i did the cover :) hate it or love it, post alternitaves in the chatbox
i'll throw em up :)

hope you all are enjoying this friday afternoon as much as i
thank you Charles, for everything :)


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