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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

XXL in an hour and a half!!


CH will be live soon i think its 3c\t.. but keep an eye on it

MAKE SURE YOU ALL GO this is going to be EPIC...

hope to see you all there


Charles' homie Am3n (you may have seen their performance, CH was on Keys Am3n was Singing)
but he put out a new track today
and its FLAMES
the homie got talent
so check that out here :
got mary j on there too for you blige fans...
so enjoy the ustream, and the music, and the 'festivities' for the rest of the day!!

and support that Am3n Track!!

FAU!! lol

ok im out to catch the stream


1 Starchasing Opinions:

PrecYse said...

nice freestyle. a i bet if you ask charles who i am?he will say yes

WiCH Staff