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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today is September the 23rd, now wayyyyyy back in 1993 this was the day that Sonic CD was released in Japan… meaning that today is the 17th birthday of Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. I’ll bet she enjoys sharing that fact with him immensely. Anyway in order to celebrate their 17th anniversary of their first forays into gaming here’s a couple of YouTube videos related to them.

- Taken from, http://blogs.sega.com/sonic/2010/09/23/happy-birthday-amy-metal-sonic/


Go here:

And celebrate Amy Rose and Metal Sonic's birthday!

And if you happen to see Charles, be it on FB or wherever...

Give him some chocolate.
He could use it right about now.

Let him know that we love him very much.

*hands Charles chocolate*


- Melvin Burch

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