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Monday, September 27, 2010

Music:Charles Hamilton - Reinstrumentals

SO these are the Reintervention Instrumentals, Plus 3 new ones


reIntervention instrumentals, plus 3 more NOT on reIntervention... I may or may not record to them... I do however wanna see some songs getting recorded to my beats... if you do decide to freestyle to or write to my beats, let me know...

send your video links to...


unlike other producers, I don't mind hearing what you do to my beats as a form of demo... I'm gonna be more critical tho, because ...well, I was on the beat first... lol (in some instances, I might not have been on the beat, but I am really personal with my beats, so you gotta go dumdum to catch my "attention")."

that was taken from Charles' Facebook :)
so ENJOY...

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