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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Music:Woody ft Show Tufli and Yung Nate What Would You Do

Woody, best know for his production (Charles Hamilton, B.o.B., XV, Esso), is now stepping into his own as an artist, with the release of his debut solo album, LoveLife. The project is filled with Hip Hop/Pop songs for anyone who has experienced love, lust, one-night stands, heartbreak, heartache, and everything in between. Features from the project include Charles Hamilton, XV, Add-2, Kyle Lucas, Esso, Gerald Walker, and Nero to name a few. This is the first single off of the project entitled What Would You Do. The song features Woody's long-time collaborators Show Tufli and Yung Nate as well as Steve Wilkin (from the popular Los Angeles band Vanaprasta). A song will be released every week, along with other content, culminating with the release of LoveLife on October 6th. Continue reading to download.

THAT^^ was taken from Xclusive Zone, and sent in emails

the song is HOTT, like REALLY hott...
i think Nate got my fav verse
but they all did there things

check it out here:

and i guess Woddy having Charles on the album, clears up any misconceptions
of beef... so they should still be cool =)

ok bye now



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Money Mike said...

They been firends where u been...

WiCH Staff