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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Storm Watkins Presents...

His comeback instrumental album!

Chris on the cover art.
:D Haha...

Storm Watkins is the DEFINITION of GRIND and LOVE for music. Like, dead serious.

Make sure to check out http://muzikalgenius.blogspot.com/
http://stormwatkins.tumblr.com/ for a WHOLE lot more. O_O

Storm Watkins BREATHES beats.
Just check Facebook.
If he's not napping, I'm sure he's up making another classic.


Hehe... ;)
Peace! :)

- Melvin Burch

1 Starchasing Opinions:

trinidadspain said...

Might as well say it on here even though this ain't charles blog, cuz his blog is not to be find but... lol and I need to sleep early can't say it on midnight but tell Charles Shadow The Hedgehog says...happy birthday...
peace -Kamal The BLacKHoG

WiCH Staff