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Thursday, December 02, 2010


Got to LOVE COPY and paste lol
i took that from Charles' blog http://chamilton718.blogspot.com/
y'all already know to follow and support!! :)

^thats about the original link that died.
but we have 2 new links so get those!!!
the tape is CRAZY....
i'm on track 11 :)
i'll do a full review, when i'm a bit more awake :( i feel tired

This is not for listeners under age 18. First time I had to put out such a warning. But it's definitely not for gentle (or Gentile) ears. And you might wanna keep the volume down at work.

But I am VERY proud of this mixtape.

That's charles' warning about THE HARDEST MIXTAPE EVER...MuthaFuckas
so download that.. read his blog... annnnnd "..Hi My Name is i can't stop shinin.." -Track 011
ok i'm out....
the hardest blog post ending EVER muthafuckas!! ...

1 Starchasing Opinions:

Nico (Official) said...

heavily anticipated fam...cant wait to peep this shit...
i know you wont let down

WiCH Staff