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Monday, January 03, 2011

New Gambitt and Halo Tapes

First time posting on here, CHsamples btw, and there's no new Charles music yet but... a starchaser Gambitt dropped a new tape and so did Halo.

"Don't Say I Didn't Warn U"


Don't say i didn't warn you is the first VOCAL Album from the homie Gambitt!! he put in work on this! make sure you check it out!!

and Halo's new instrumental tape "The System Is Down"

This project is 20 of my favorite joints I haven't heard in a minute...I remastered them all and added a few things to them to spice 'em up, but most are untouched. I'm sure someone will have already spit to "Relax" by the time I wake up in the morning, but this is one of the projects that I don't mind people going off on. Don't try that sh*t with Lovechild, tho. As we push forward into 2011, know that the System is watching you. They're everywhere. Even as I type this, they are monitoring when, where and what I am saying. Don't let that stop you. Don't let fear keep you controlled and subdued. Fight the good fight. Shut the system down.

Enjoi. - H


....and on the rumors that Charles has joined G.O.O.D Music, -___- don't believe it, the only source we have on this is C-Wade ............(corpy) and well that's self explanatory.


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