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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Right Combo

The people over at C-H.com dropped "The Right Combo" ..Halo on the beat

The Right Combo

Halo (DJ H2) Interview after the jump

First of all, can you introduce yourself?
What's up, yall? This is Halo (aka DjH2) – A friend and musical com-padre to Mr. Charles Hamilton.
When did you start producing?
Hah! I'd say around 15-16 i first started messing with beat programs and cutting up samples, but I didn't really start taking it seriously until I was 19. I used to make a lot of Electronica (also what I DJed) before I started branching off into Hip-Hop.
How did you and Charles meet?
Charles and I met at a BBQ thrown by my homie Sciryl in like '06 – same year (lol and same place) I met my girl. He was immediately cool with me and was craaaazy excited and happy to showcase his stuff for me – (lots of instrumentals and most of The Pink Lavalamp) all of which he played was dope, BTW.
How is it to work with Charles Hamilton?
Interesting to say the least. We both kind of throw that whole "i'm a producer" thing out of the window and experiment with sounds based on how we feel. He'll run through some beats of mine if he's in the mood to flow on something, or we'll build on it together. It's crazy to keep up with him when he's in the zone, tho. His ideas come at a mile a minute.

Can you tell us about the recording process of Dope2Go and StarChaser Radio?
Dope2Go was during a more stable time in CH's life…he had a comfortable living environment, great equipment, and a DOPE lifestyle he had begun to invite me into – during one of our "highly enlightened" conversations, he approached me about doing a project on some "JayLib" type of ish – and I agreed, however I was shy on the mic back then so I took a back seat and just let him rock out on the beats. We threw that project together rather quickly, but it took me some time to come up with the right cover for it as well as send some extra beats, so in turn – the latter lalf of it got filled with the Audible Doctor and CH stuff.
Starchaser Radio was different. We did SR on some "f*ck it – let's make a dope ass EP in a DAY!" type-of-sh*t, and I had gained some confidence behind the mic and wanted to be alongside him in this project rather than taking a backseat. We had got to chill for a while that day and build on the idea of The Wig and The Mask (we both wore our apparatuses during the majority of the recording process) and everything came natural. It had originally started with me wanting him to lay down some vocals on the "Superpowers" (http://soundcloud.com/halonyc/superpowers) beat I created, but that wasn't working out for us – and we just jumped on some other beats – he would brew up an idea for the track and go in the booth and start freestylin' wildness off of the top. While he was doing this, I'd be writing my verse – trying to catch up to him!
I spent mad time playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on Dreamcast tho while he lined shit up and made sure it sounded like how he wanted it to. People complain about the quality of SR and they don't get that he made it sound that way on purpose, like it was a broadcast – not just a mixtape.
How would you describe Charles?
Misunderstood. The only person that could ever understand Charles, is CHARLES. Every thing from his thought patterns down to the way he dresses, is unique. People try and analyze Charles, but he's such a sporadic and "out-of-this-world" type of dude that you can't even label him as anything. Even me, I'd like to say I know Charles – but I don't really. I think that he's a talented artist who had it all and lost it all, but then again who am I to say that? Maybe he found himself in a lot of ways by losing all of the material things…who knows. Charles Hamilton dances on the tightrope between Revolutionary and Psychopath better than anyone else can.
Do you have any upcoming projects in the future?
Man, I'm about to have a baby girl in the next 6 weeks or so – so right now that's the main "PROJECT" I'm focused on! :) Music will ALWAYS be there and I'm sure when my daughter gets here, she'll influence even more magical beats and treats from me…but as of now, nothing is DEFINITE. I would love to say AerosolHeart will drop this year, but I'm not 100% on that…I think the project that will drop this year will be the Lovechild Zelda project I've been working on. 2011 is the year of the Lovechild.
How can the fans get in touch with you?
Don't hit me up on Facebook Chat! You'll be disappointed! :D Nah, I just barely am on that shit and sometimes fans take it personal when I don't respond…if you leave me a wall post or send me a MSG, i'll usually get back to you…but if you're a garbage rapper just looking for tracks, I probably won't respond. Nothing personal, I'm just picky with who has dibs to my sh*t…
Any last words?
Last words, eh? The more of the truth you know, the more fearful this world becomes. It's not what you know, It's WHO you know. I am a person of sound mind and body just like you, so it is with equality that I treat my fellow man. I feel in these times, it has become so easy and almost fully accepted to scorn others. Those that live in houses of glass should not throw stones. Yes, Charles was WRONG for what he did. But do we know WHY he did it? Yes he "broke the law", but who's law is it that we live under? Read the contracts you sign. NewCo is no better than Interscope. The Charles I know wouldn't have spazzed like this without provocation or (perhaps) means of escape…meaning to say that maybe this act was done as a way to "get out" of something…who knows. I theorize a lot. We all have a role to play in this society and a debt to pay to this country for being it's inhabitants. Make sure you pay off that debt wisely. NOTHING in this world is free.
Last question: Where do you get those wigs from that you rock
Ya mom's house! PEACE!

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