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Monday, February 07, 2011

Charles Hamilton's Attempts at "Swag"

This is being officially released here, after discussions between NHF, since somebody that Charles trusted with the project, decided to sell it to people, whom took it upon themselves to leak it song by song, we do not appreciate that AT ALL, but we wanted to see the project get a proper release, so we bring to you :

Charles Hamilton's "Attempts at swag"


"Charles Hamilton Attempts at 'Swag'"
Cheezy music, but since n1ggas got mad swag, I might as well use my swaggerless swag to outswag these swaggots. And I do a terrible job, too... lol

The Official Track lists goes as follows:


5 Starchasing Opinions:

ALandon303 said...

if i had a like button like on facebook it would be clicked

Swaggerless Steve said...

Good looks using your crazy swaggerlessness to combat the mad swagger of the mad hating swaggots, making the world a better place for low swagger individuals such as myself. Somebody had to do it. Much appreciated

lexheartzx3 said...

lmao @ the track listing

Lex! said...

im bumpin right now shit is hard and lol at the tracklisting

Anonymous said...

was corpy the one who sold it?.on da real..FUCK corp..

WiCH Staff