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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


ok... so my brother... melvin burch is back.. with a new album, new blog.... annd new twitter.... so this is awesome right? i'll link you all immediately

Download:Melvin Burch - The Melvin Burch Album that Everybody Loves... but him

His Twitter


OK so click those to be redirected...
Melvin has been on wich since the Melvin Galaxy Project we put together.. and in that amount of time, he's been killing it... #20hamilever and melvin is a hamilton... so chek him out...

also keep praying for charles, there's not much to say right now, but just keep him in your thoughts n prayers, and thanks for all the support!!!

[[i started work today, buuut, i'm still blogging for you all :p]]

1 Starchasing Opinions:

Baron-von-Marlong said...

Dope project Melvin..
The link to Melvins Blog doesn't work though.

WiCH Staff